VTclick® for BUSINESS

VTclick® is a true chameleon! VTclick® helps your business at 360° and fits to your needs, to allow you to create innovative services at the highest value added for you or for your customers.

Here is where you can make the most of the features of VTclick®:

  • maintenance reports
  • check of devices and safety equipment
  • check fire fighting equipment
  • check of workplace
  • company promotion activities
  • virtual tour with multimedia contents and final test
  • training on the job
  • courses on specific risks in the workplace
  • asynchronous training
  • training for areas where there is a need to inspect at a certain place
  • public Virtual Tour of public spaces (squares, museums, commercial streets…) with interactive information and contents
  • e-democracy: referendum, vote, survey, participated planning using renderings of 3D models
  • Virtual Tours of factories, shopping centers created to be embedded in company web sites
  • product promotion activities
  • shopping center Virtual Tour
  • promotion of properties for lease and sale, with interactive contents (prices, features, financing proposals…)
  • courses presentation with interactive information and tips for play (distance to hole, PAR, lessons, pro advices)
  • club house presentation
  • integration of VT into web site
  • creation of “360° web sites” (homepage and other pages made by 360° photos and interactive hotspots)
(architects, engineerings, surveyors, geologists…)
  • virtual rendering of 3D models, with the possibility to add details and descriptions
  • building sites VT to check work progress
  • VT of unhealthy or risky environments where the presence of non-professionals is not recommended
  • VT of geologic sites
  • intractives Role Play Gmes

Do you want advise about how to use VTclick for your business ?

Write us, we help you: info@vtclick.com