VTclick® is the only web service IN THE WORLD for the creation, archiving, publishing and navigation of interactive Virtual Tour with REPORT of the interactions at the end of the tour.

VTclick® allows the user to interact during the tour, not only browsing photos, reading texts or watching videos, but also answering questions, uploading images, videos and audio files in real time: this is the REAL INTERACTIVITY!


Drag the photo and click on the hotspots

VTclick® is…

Virtual Tour Archive…

…public or private (with login credentials), to browse directly or integrated on external site

Online Editor…

…to create Virtual Tours in an easy and intuitive way and to manage your Virtual Tours or your customers’ ones

Report system…

…to receive in real time the interactions sent by users during the tour (answers, photos, videos, vocal messages)

APP for IOS and Android systems…

…to download Virtual Tours and browsing them offline.

Virtual Tours only for browsing are FREE

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